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Closeouts Liquidation Wholesale Warehouse Goods and Salvage Merchandise

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We are a below-wholesale distributor and exporter of quality clearance and liquidation merchandise. We carry a full line of salvage merchandise of all varieties. Anything you might find in a department store, office supply, or hardware store, we have available!

Read more about us or plunge right in and use the sidebar to shop by volume, by store, or by category. Questions? Contact us from the website, email us, or simply call us at #1-800-574-5304.

Liquidation Merchandise specializes in wholesale closeouts, liquidation, overstock, designer clothing, jewelry, footwear, and surplus from most department stores in the United States. We concentrate on wholesale apparel, wholesale cosmetics, electronics, tools, brand name toys, handbags, perfumes and more---choose by volume with pallets, lots, or truckloads for discounted prices on the dollar wholesale!

If you are looking for flea market merchandise, wholesale appliances, dollar store merchandise, Amazon merchandise, salvage pallets, or truckloads merchandise. We are your source for top quality products at affordable prices. We welcome customers to stop by and inspect the merchandise they're interested in - no appointment needed!

Find all the merchandise you need for your business - ready to ship anywhere in the United States! One of our sales representative will assist you. We will make sure shipping will be fast and easy. Call or email us to learn more!

Below are our most recent listings.

wholesale discount cookie monster Brand-Name Toys, Games and Baby Items - EXCLUSIVE OFFERAll merchandise is overstock and shelf-pull merchandise. Huge variety of toys. You get an assortment of action toys, hand held games digital watches, drones, figures, dolls, remote control toys, talking toys, baby products, Legos, and much more!A 40 ft HQ container/53' trailer. Call and order now. Don't delay your orders! First come first served.
wholesale pool table Sporting GoodsMay contain a mixture of customer returns and shelf-pulls/overstock merchandise. Huge selection of items such as, sporting goods, exercise equipment, pool tables, hockey tables, bicycles, and more.Super deal!
wholesale liquidation red rake Woot General GoodsMay contain mixed categories such as: lawn and garden, automotive, electronics, kitchen, home products, home improvement, office pallets, pet products, toys, and much more.FOB Florida. You must try these loads!
wholesale liquidation akileine glamour HBA and Drugstore ItemsOverstock shelf and returns. Huge selection of mixed brand name items: HBA, hair care, general merchandise, shampoos, over-the-counter drugs, and many other drug store items.Sold by the pallet. FOB Florida. Super deal!
wholesale liquidation xmas mug Assorted Gifts, Christmas Lights and Housewares and DecorationsHuge selection of high-end brand names. Pallets may contain a mixture of cookware, glassware, pots and pans, home décor, seasonal items, toys, and many other household items.FOB South Carolina. On sale now!
wholesale liquidation lounge chair Outdoor/Patio FurnitureLoads contain customer returns, shelf-pulls, and overstock merchandise. Huge selection of very high-quality furniture items. May contain a combination of coffee tables, sofa lounge, side tables, umbrellas, outdoor accessories, and much more.Una mezcla de devoluciones, saldos de venta y de inventario. Productos de alta calidad. Puede incluir mesas, sillones, mesas laterales, sombrillas, y accesorios.
wholesale liquidation chicago air tool Lowe's Hardware StoresMay contain a mix of tools, hand tools, portable power tools, air compressors, air tools, bench power tools, batteries chargers, pumps & pressure tanks, and much more.Each load contains 24-26 pallets. FOB NC. Crazy prices!
wholesale breville rice cooker Mixed Housewares/Home Décor/Homewares/Small AppliancesHuge selection of high-end brand names. Pallets may contain a mixture of cookware, glassware, silverware, pots and pans, small appliances, and many other household items.Each load contains 36 pallets. FOB Ohio. Super deal Call now!
wholesale liquidation blue bouncer Baby Products LoadAll merchandise is overstock and returns merchandise. Huge variety of baby products. High value loads which may contain an assortment of high chairs, car seats, strollers, car seats, and much more.Full container or truckload. Exclusive order: You will love these loads! Order now and get the best!
wholesale liquidation crock pot Housewares/Kitchen/Pots/GadgetsAll new overstock and shelf-pull. May contain a mixture of houseware categories, from kitchen tools and gadgets to cookware to barware, can openers, spoons, kitchen knives, grater, strainer, lemon squeezer from brands like Airbrake, Betty Crocker, Bialetti, Black & Decker, Bonny, Emeril, Good Cook, Gourmet Solutions, Precision, Professionals, Sweet Creations, T-fal Wearever, and Yum.Each load contains 26 Gaylords. Sold by 40HC Container. FOB California. Also sold by the pallet FOB Florida. Call for a super deal -Don't miss out!
wholesale liquidation pacifiers Walmart OTC-PCAP Non-Ingestible Items Medical and CosmeticsHuge selection of medical and over-the-counter medical supplies such As Band-Aids, back braces, hot/cold compresses, canes, heating pads, braces, brand name cosmetics such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Essie, Almay and many others.Each load contains 26 huge pallets. Call for a special deal!
wholesale liquidation rowenta iron Mixed General MerchandiseContains a mixture of items: electronics, hardware, linens, tools, KD furniture, housewares, sporting goods, infant and baby items, toys and more.Best deal ever!
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