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Liquidation Merchandise Closeouts Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get the merchandise here to my state?

We offer shipping to you at our discounted cost, or you may use your own means.

What are the shipping costs? Items come from all over the U.S.

Currently we ship from OR, WA, CA, TX, NY, IL, MI, MO. So, shipping will depend on what you are interested in and your zip code.

How do we accept payment?

We accept cash, cashier's check, money orders or bank wire transfers. In regards to wire transfers, the buyer should call us before and after they have transferred the funds. It takes from 45 minutes to 12 hours for us to receive wires. Once our bank confirms the transaction, the shipment is ready for pickup. If everything goes right, we try to have it all taken care and on the road within 24 hours.

How long does it take from the time a truck hits the road until I get my truckload?

Shipping time depends on FOB location to your location. In most cases it takes 5 business days. It could be as high as 12 business days if your area is in a small city and has a long point to point distance. What ever the case may be, the trucking company will call you before delivery. You will also have a tracking number as soon as the trucking is paid for.

Do I pay you for trucking or do I pay your trucking company?

It does not matter. It would be a little quicker if you pay us at time of wire transfer. Or, we can have it sent collect so you pay the shipping company when it arrives. Some customers like this as it gives them time to make more money before the load arrives. If a load is to be sent collect, our shippers need to register you with them. You will need to fill out a credit form. This however, could delay the load departing for a day or two. You can also pay the trucking the same day you send a wire to us. Trucking is offered as a courtesy to our customers. We offer it at at our discounted cost.

Are there any other costs that I should be made aware of?

Not really. Our prices given before a purchase are rock solid. Shipping by the container (40 foot truck) is rock solid as well. If you are buying by the pallet, there could be a slight increase, or decrease, depending on the class and weight of the item. The only other costs that I can think of that may apply is with having the right equipment to unload the truck, i.e. fork lift, pallet jackloading dock. When we arrange shipping, we ask these type of questions, so this should not be a problem down the road.

Are there any limits on the size of order?

Being that much of what we sell is salvage or closeouts, the limit to the size of the order depends on what's left. Lets say a customer wanted 2 wholesale truckloads of merchandise and only 1 was available. We would have them pay for 1 and a week or 2 later, when we have another, we would contact the buyer and let them know the other load is here and ready for them. On some loads, we can offer 6 month contracts so that the buyer can have a steady supply.

Do we have any contracts to sign?

Yes and No. If a buyer is purchasing Department Store goods with us, they must read and sign a paper that they would agree to, for instance, remove the Department Store tags before resale. As far as our company goes, no, you can buy a load from us once or as many times as you like. We do not make much off of one wholesale truckload. Our money is made from customers coming back and buying often. We try as best as we can to offer high quality loads at the right price so that our customers can make money, like our service keep coming back.

It seems that some of the Department Store Loads are "Blind" ?

This is true, some of them are not inventoried, nor do they have a manifest. Such loads are sold to us by the wholesale truckload and sometimes by the closeout pallet. In this Q and A, I cannot mention Department store names, but, if I could, you would see that many of the top Department Stores sell off their salvage loads this way. This is not a bad thing, but a very good thing. If they added up their costs per truckload, our prices would be much higher. One place that we sell a lot of loads from, estimates their average cost per pallet is $3,000.00. That's at their cost. We sell these by the truckload. There are 22 pallets per truckload. We sell them for approximately $425.00 a pallet. So a truckload is $9,350.00 our price, with $66,000.00 at their cost! This is 90% name brand stuff!! That has a restriction though, No West Coast Sales. That was just an example. So the trick is to buy Department Store loads that contain mostly small items. This way, you get a huge amount of products and much larger profits.

Do I have to go through you and a dozen other people to get the good stuff?

No, In 95% of the cases we are direct with the Department Store, manufacturer, or warehouse in which the items are coming from. We rarely advertise any items offered to us via the internet. We use our own sources and most likely will always stay that way.

Can I visit you and inspect the load if I want to before purchase?

In most cases, Yes, if the wholesale merchandise is in one of our warehouses. Some Department Stores do not like tourists for security and time-consuming purposes.

How do you handle Exporting Items?

We offer this unique service to our customers., Inc. can handle your export shipments to all major ports in the world. We have strong representation throughout the world and can handle all your wholesale containers in a quick and efficient manner. We handle everything, including Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Ocean Freight . Door To Door, and Door To Port Service.

If I choose to buy from someone else down the line, is it okay?

Sure. You have no ties to us, but, before investing a whole lot with someone else, you may want to run it by us. If it sounds good, we will tell you. Yes, that's right! We will give you free advise on what to look for or what to ask. We want to have you as one of our clients for the long run, so we will help you in any way we can.

Lets say I am buying from you and I find another guy selling the same thing you have in all details for less?

Please let us know. We will try to match or come close to the price if possible. Please keep in mind that others may offer goods, but cannot provide consistently, or it may be a load that has been picked over. In any case, please let us know.

How do I get on your weekly mailing list?

Our weekly mailing list is a free service. It is however confidential and can only be used for the person that it is sent to. To get on the mailing list, just sign up on any page (check the top right section).

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